Official Rules

  1. No electric or amplified instruments will be permitted
  2. Contest is for four stringed fiddles only. Contestants will be allowed to compete in one group only. 
  3. Contestants must not use sheet musics in any category
  4. There will be no accompaniment allowed.
  5. Any category with less that four entrants may be cancelled or combined.
  6. Registration is closed when  playing order has been done.
  7. Scoring will be based on 100 points per tune or song. Scores will be based on execution, difficulty, dance timing, tone and intontation. Scores from elimation rounds will be added to final round scores for an overall culmulative score if  necessary
  8.  In the event of a tie, a one-tune playoff will be held. Tunes played earlier are not eligilble to be played again in this round.
  9. One false start per performnce sill be allowed ( a bad start, wrong beginning of a tune and starting tune other than that intended) Allowances will be made for a string droppping out of tune, or string breaking
  10. Contest organizers reserve the right to chang or modifiy contest rules prior to the start of the competition. Contest organizers reserve the right to alter the time schedule, order of the categories or number of tunes to be played a needed
  11. Time limits in divisions- Open-6minutes, Jr- 6 minutes- Jr-Jr- 4 minutes, Fiddlebuds-3 minutes
  12. Playing in such a manner as not to be able to recognize the melody will results in lost points